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Automatic Transaxle Operatiun

Pam: HN®3EI

Unn'l leave yuur vehicle when Ii".- i-nginc is

running unless you haw: In. ”you have left [he taught nmning. the w: hide can move suddenly. ‘s'ou nr ulnar-.- cuuld he injured- Tn he sun: your

vehicle won‘t mute. even when yuu're nn fairly lea-i ground. always set your parking lira he and mun-t the shift Il'1r'L'l' tu PARK ll‘l.

‘I’nur uutnnmlic trans-axle hen: :1 mill JL'\L'T luculcd (an Ihc 5w “Shilling In!" PARK ”1,-- in the Index. If “5‘3"”111 colunnl. you‘re pulling a trailer. see "'I'uwiug a Trailer" PARK [P]: ThiH [miliun lacks yum Hum whee-h. 11'.»- in II",- index.

the: hugl pl‘mifiull 1L1 Luau Mn‘n yin: Mun yuur engine l'necuune yum I:ulnl'IL- L'un'l Inuw 1:11.5in

Em-ui‘l: [lac hhil'l lux-cr is Full]; in PARK {P} I'Llngn LR'le'L‘ mining. 111:: ungint. Ynur vehicln‘ has u Bj'nJ-lc'T'I'umuxlc Shift Interim}: IBTSH. ‘r’nu have IL' full}- uppiv yuur rcgniur bunker: Fuji-Ir you can mm 1mm PARK lPi

_ _ _ . when the igiljllun kt}- Lx in HUN. [1' {sun uunnm shift [I 15' dangerous to gel "I“ "F 3‘1"" ‘IEthE 'i “1:“ UL”: Elf PARK [PL uuh‘c PFEHSLII‘C un Ihc hhifl lax-er and

shifl In“ i-‘i “"1 {UHF i" PARK {Pl H-ilil “'9 pufilt III: .‘il'llll'l lurcr uli Ihc way inm PARK IPJ a:- Full parking '1ka firm]? Sl't- “'1" ‘Whidl‘ ““1 rnll. muinlum hrnin: appiiuutmn. Then nun-1‘. rhe slnr'l lcx'er

{f_41|TlflN; [Continued] inlm lhl.‘ gunr yflu “"jhh. Sue "Shining Gun 01' PARK 1P3" in lllix part.


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