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To Use the Engine Coolant Heater I. Turn flrl‘ll'lti angina.

2. Open tho hood and unwrap the electrical cord.

3. Plug it intn- a nnrrnu], grounded llll—‘vull AC DullL'l.

Plugging the cord into an ttngrounded outlet could cause an Electrical Shock. Mam. tho wrong kind of extension cord could overheat and cause

a fire. You could be seriously Injured. Plug the cord into a properly grounded wee-prong llfl-volt AC outlet. [f the cord won‘t roach, use a heavy-d U11" thwahpmng extension cord rated For at least 15 amps.

4. Echo: hurting the angina. be :iLtIl: to unplug and. more the cord as it was before to keep it away from moving on glut: parts. lf'ynu tltnn'L. it could ht: damaged.

Huw long should you keep lht' coolant ltuulur plugged in? The answer depends on the outside tempe rattlre. the kind of oil you have. and some other things. instead of trying to list everything here. we ask that you contact your dualcr in IJ'tt' area. when: you'll ht: parking your vehicle. The dealer can give you the best advice For that purticulat urea.

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