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3. ll'your engine still won‘t start for start; but then Engine Coolant HEfltEl' (If Equipped} mops-i. it could be flooded with too much gasoline. '

Tr} pushing your flecelcrum-r pedal all the we): tn the floor ant] holding it there as you hold the lie}.- in START for about three seconds. If the vehicle slam. briefly but then stops again. do the same thing. out Ihis time keep the pedal down for five or six seconds. This clean the extra gum-lint: frnm the engine,

Alter wuiting about 15 seconds. repeat the nnn'nei starting procedure.


Your engine is designed to work with the electronics In your vehicle. lfyou add electrical parts or accessories, you could change the way the engine UpEl‘fllEH. Before adding electrical

In very cold weather. 0" F t— I 3°C! or colder. the engine coolunl heater can help. You'll get eusiersleniug and better fuel economy during engine warm-up. Ueuellv.

the coolant heater Should be plugged in .1 minimum of [I' you ever have to have your vehicle towed. see four home prior to starting your vehicle.

the part. of this manual that tells how to do it without damaging your vehicle. See 0'l‘uoutving: 1four vehicle" in the Index.

equipment, check with your dealer. If you don‘t. your engine might not perform properly.


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