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Starting Your Engine Starting Your 3800 Series II Engine

Move your shift Fever [:1 PARK [P] m NEL'TRAL EM. 1. Without pushing the occeterator pedal. turn your Your engine won't start in any other position -- thitl‘t- at. ignilifl" k‘ilr' 1” STAR“ When the engine “ENE IE3! safety feature, Tn restart when you‘re already running. go of th&' key. The idlc speed will go down as your use NEUTRAL tN] urtJy. engine gets warm.


Don't try.r to shift to PARK {Pt if your Buick is Holding 59'" “5‘! i" STA RT fm‘ IDHEET than

moving. It‘ you do. you could damage the 15 seconds at a time will cause your battery to tronsaxla. Shift to PaRK tl‘} only when your be drained much sooner. And the excessive heat vehicle is stopped. can damage your starter motor.

2. If it doesn't start right away. hold your key in START fur ah-uut thrcc to five muonda at a time tum! your engine starts. Wait about |5 seconds between each try to hclp avoid draining you battery or dumuging your Humor.


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