Buick LESABRE 1998 Owner Manual

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Haw to Use this Manual

Mun}- penple read their owner‘s manual i'rmn Purginning l0 and when they first receive their new vehicle. If

ynu :ln uni-l: 1'1 will help you learn about the l'enlures

and ennlmls I'm ynur vehicle. 1n Lhih manual. yelu' [1 find that pictures and words work together in explain things quickly.


A good place in look l'nr what ynu need is the Index. in hack ui me man Llu]. It's. an alphabetical list ur' what's: in the manual. and the page number when: yuu‘ll l'ind il.

Safety Warnings and Symbols

You will find a number of safety Caulitinh in lhih' book. We Use :1 box and the would CAUTION tn tell ynu ahnnt things thal enuid hurt. yuu if you wele to ignore the warning.

These mean there is semething that could ban you or other people.

In the unutinn urea. wt: tell yuu what the hnzarli is. Then we tell you what In tin In help avoid Lir reduce the hazard. Pleat“: read these cautions. If 3;th clnn'l. ynu or other: enuld he hurt.

You will ulw find a circle with a slash thruugh it in thin bunk. This: safety symbu] menne; "Don't.“ “Daln'1 d:1-lhi5"ur"Dun'l let this happen."

In .I- —.

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