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Universal ThefbDeterrent (If Equipped)

If your vehicle has

this option. it has a theftvdeterreut alarm system. With this system. the SECURITY light will flash as you open the door fit your igniliun is tll'l‘l.


This light reminds you to activate the thet't—deten'enl system when leaving your vehicle.

Activating the system:

I. Open the door.

2. Loci: the door with the power door lock switch while the door is opal]. or with the remote keylesm entry transmitter. The SECURITY light should turn on and stay on.

3. Close all doors. The SECURITY light should go off after ubo Lit 30 seconds. The alarm is not nrnled until the SECURITY light goes off.


if the SECURITY light comes on for one ntinute and then shuts oil while the ignition is on. the security system has detected a problem with itself. See your dealer for service.

It a door or the trunk is opened without the key or remote ke yless entry transmitter. the alarm will go off . It will alt-.0 go till" it' the trunk luck is damaged. Your vehicle‘s lamps will flash and the horn will sound for one minute. and then will go off in order to save battery no war.

Remember. the theft—deterrent system won't activate if you lock the doors with a key or manual door look. it activates only if you use a power door lock switch with a door open. or the remote lteyless entry transmitter. You should also reme other that you can SL311 your vehicle with the eorreot ignition la:y if the alarm has been set nl't‘. You must still shut off the alarm by inserting the key in the door lock. or by pressing the UNLOCK button on the remote iteyless entry transmitter.

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