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Vehicle theft is big business. especially in some cities. Although your vehicle has a number [if melt-deterrent Features. we know [hut nothing we put on it can make

it impossible to steal. However. there are ways you L'un help.

Key in the Ignition

If you leave your vehicle with the keys inside, it's an easy target forjoy riders or professional thieves: —— so rltin+t tit) it.

With [he ignition off and the driver's door open. you'll hear u chime reminding you to remove your key from the ignition and take it with you. Always do this. Your steering wheel will be locked. and so wili your ignition and transaxle. And remember to look the doors.

Parking at Night

Perl»; in a lighted spot. close all windows and lock your

vehicle. Remember to keep your valuables out of sight.

Put there in :1 storage urea. or title: them with you.

Parking Lots

it' you park in u. lot where someone will be watching your vehicle. it's best to lock it up and Luke your keys. But whut it‘you have to leave your ignition key?

I If possible. park in :l busy. well lit area.

0 Put your valuables in :1 storage linear. like your trunk or glove box. Be sure to close and ioek U11: xttlrugc ”ICU.

. Clout-3e all windows.

0 Turn off the TRUNK RELEASE lockout in the glove box.

'- Lock the glove box. I Look o11 Lhe doors except the driver‘it.

II Then take the door key and remote keylesa entry trum-Initler til' equipped} with you.


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