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Remote Trunk Release Lockout

The trunk release lockout switch in the glove box must be on for the TRUNK button to work. This feature allows you to secure ilct'ns in the Iron}: when you must leave the ignition Ice}r rwith an attendant.

To secure the trunk. turn off the TRUNK. RELEASE. lock the glove box. then take the door he}I with you. Now the trunk button to the left of Ihe steering column will not open [he hunk.

Trunk Security}r Override

The remote keyless et'itt'j.r Transmitter {if equipped]. will open the u-unk even if the trunk release lockout switch is in DFF.


Trunk Lid

[t can be dangerous to drive with the trunk lid open because carbon monoxide {CO} gas can come into your vehicle. 1You can’t see or smell CD. It can cause unconsciousness and even death.

If you must drive with the trunk lid open or if electrical wiring or other cahle connections must

pass through the seal between the hotlyr and the

trunk lid:

0 Make sure all windows are shot.

I Turn the Fun on your heating or cooling system to its highest. speed with the setting on VENT. That will force on mid: air into your vehicle. See ‘Tomfort Controls“ in the Index.

0 if you have air outlets on or under the instrument panel, open them all the way.

See “Engine Exhaust" in the Index.

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