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To replace the hatte ry':


Insert a will intu the neteh near the keg.- 1'ing. Turn the coin to the left lettuntereltsekwiset to separate: the [Wu huh-es ef the transmitter.

Once the transmitter is separated. use it pencil eraser tn remtwu [he [Ild hatter}: DU rtnl Lise it metal abject.

Remove and replace the battery. Replace it as the instmctit‘itts inside [he Cttver intimate.

Snap the transmitter hack tttgether lightly tn he sure “it IT'It'IlHILIl'E CH“ EIIIEI'.

Resynehruniet: the ti'nnsniltter by pressing ntttl. holding [he LUCK and UNLOCK huttttns I'm about eight secnntls. 't'ntl- mum he within range

of the vehicle. When the transmitter lttts been msynehrtanized. the hum will chirp nnd the headlamps. parking lamps nnrl centering lamps tit' equippcdl will llash unec.


Trunk Luck Release

To unlock the trunk from the nut-tide. insert the ILllJ'LH' lie}- and turn it tttlhE right.

Remote Trunk Release

The TRUNK relense hunnn

is 1111 the instrument panel

In the left etihe steering . entumn. The transasle

I -_" ' l ntusthein PARKIP'mr = l TRUNK lNEtITRAer.


It' the remnte trunk release hnltnn Lines. nut npen the trunk. Innke sure. the t'elttote trunk release lncltnut switch in the glen-e bus is ill the en pesitien.


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