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Matching 'l‘ranamitterfs] Tn Ynur Vehiele

Each remnte keyleas entry transmitter in coded to

prevent another transmitter l‘rern unlneking ynur whjele.

Ila transmitter is lust enr stnlen. a replacement can he purchased through your dealer. Remember to hring any remaining Transmitters with you when you gu tu yuur dealer. When the dealer matches. the replacemem

transmitter to your vehicle. any remaining transmitters must aisle be matehed. finer: ynurdeuler has ended the new transmitter. the lost tram-miner will not unlnek yeur vehicle. Each vehicle can have nnlyr fem trunmtitiera matched to it.

See your dealer tel mateh transmitters to another vehicle.

Battery Replacement

Under nnrmal USE. the hatte r}: in your remete keyienh‘ entryr transmitter should lqu ahnut two years.

You can tell the halter}: is; weak if the trunHmilter wun't work at the normal range in any leeetien. If {mu have m get close to your vehicle before the transmitter works. it‘s prnhahly time to change the battery.


Fnr hatter}! replacement. use one Duracell ”' battery. Iype BIL-HEB. or a .‘llmlliil' tyne

When replacing the battery. use can- net to IDIfl‘h

any nf the circuitry. Static from your hotly transferred In than: surfaces may damage the transmitter:

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