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Instant Alarm

When the button with the horn symbol on the remote keyless entry transmitter is pressed. the horn will sound and the headlamps and taillarnps will flash for up to one rnirtlrte. This can he tamed off by pressing the instant alarm button again or by taming the ignition on. If your vehicle is equipped with the Universal Theft-Deterrent feature. you may also turn off the instant alarm by unlocking the vehicle with a key.


if only the instant alarm works. the transmitter needs to be resynchronized to the receiver. Do this by pressing and holding both the LUCK. and UNLOCK buttons at the same time for about eight seconds. You must be within range of the vehicle.

Once the transmitter has been resyoch ronized. the horn will chirp and the exterior lamps 1ivill flash once. The system should now operate properly.


Personal Choice Feuturea

The following list of features that are available on your vehicle can be programmed to each driver’s preference for each of die key trans mitters.

0 Memory Door Locks: This feature programs your door locks to automatically lock or unlock when shifting in and out of PARK {P}.

l Seeurlty Feedback: This feature provides feedback to the driver when the vehicle receives a command from the remote keyless entry transmitter.

I Delayed Locking: This feature lets the driver delay the actual locking of the vehicle. When all doors

have been closed. the doors will lock automatically after five seconds.

I Perimeter Lighting: When the UNLOCK button on the key transmitter is pressed. the headlamps. parking lamps. back-up lamps and comerin g lamps Iwill turn on.

For more detailed intbrmatiort and programming instructions. refer to the index for each individual feature listed above.

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