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The rear door}: ol‘your vehicle cannot be opened from the inside when this feature is in wee. If you want to open :1 rear door when the security lock i5 on:

1. Unlock the dun-r. 2. Then ripen the door from the outside.

If you don't cancel the Security lock feature. adults or oidcrehildi‘cn who ride in the rear seat won't he :1th to open the rear door from the inside. You should let tidultrt and older children know how these security locks work. and how to ounce] the locket.

To cancel the rear door lock:

1 . Unlock the door and open the door from the outside. 1. Move the lever all the way down.

3. Do the come for the other rear door.

The rear door locks will now work normally.

Lockout Protection

The power door locks will not work if the he y IR left in the ignition with the driver's door open. You can override this feature by holdng the power door loci: switch for more than three seconds. tiniess the engine is running.


Leaving Your Vehicle

If you are leaving the vehicle. take your keys. open your door and set the locks from the inside. 'lhen get out and clot-to the door. Or. you may also use the LUCK button on the remote keyionx entry transmitter utter

shutting the doors.

If your vehicle 11.15 .3! thci't- deterrent system, so: "Universal Theft-Detenent" in the Index.

Remote Keyless Entry System (If Equipped}

Il'yttur vehicle hoe thii-i option. you can lock and unlock your doors: or un1ock your trunk From about 3 feet 1 i m] up to EU feet [9 mi away using the remote keylet-s: entry transmitter supplied with your vehicle.

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