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2. Press the UNLOCK button on the trensntilter. The lock fluid): is still oft end all doors will remain locked.

3. Press.- the UNLOCK button on the transmitter again. Loci: delay is nodr active and all doors will unlock.

4. Release the power door lock switch. To turn. this feature ol'f, repeal the previous procedure.

If your vehicle is not EL] nipped with remote keyless entry. the delayed locking feature can be turned on or ol‘l'hy using the tolled-log procedure:

1. ‘t‘fith the ignition on. press and hold LOCK on the driver's power door lock switch. All doors will lock.


. Cycle the headltunp switch four times. On the third cycle, the doorrt will look il'lhe I'eulure ll-t now off, or will unlock if the feature has been turned on.

3. To change modes. cycle dte heetflmnp switch once more. A locking action will confirm the new mode.

-t. Release the power door lock switch. To turn the feature off. repeal the previous procedure.

This procedure changes the mode for only the transmitter used to change this setting. The procedure will need to be repeated for the second transmitter.

Rear Door Security Lock

" Your vehicle is equipped with rear door security looks that help prevent passengers from opening the rear doors of your vehicle Fro-tr! the inside.

To one one of these locks:

| . Open one of the rent doors.

3.. More the lever located on the door edge. all the way up to the ENGAGED position.

3. Close the door.

4. Do the same thing to the other rear door lock.


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