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GENERAL MOTORS. GM. the GM Emhiem. BUICK. the BUICK Emblem and the name LESABRE an: registered il'adamarka uf General Mature-t Ctirp-tiratitin.


This manual includat: [JIL' 1:11:51 ini'nrrnatinn at the time it was pr‘intcd. We reserve the right to make chan gas in the

product after that time without fur-11m notice. For t-‘EhitrIEh first will in Canada, suhatituta the name "Gem-mi Mntui'H of Canada Limited" for Buick Mutur Division whenever it appears in this manual.

Please keep this manual in your vehiutu. SE! 11 will be than: if you ctc'cr need it th-n yn-u‘rt: {in the rttati. IF yiiti HL‘” [his vehicic. please leave this manual in il an In? nea- tiwnarcan use it.

LtThIJ in USA. Pan Nu. 255155109 C First Edition



We suppurt voluntary.- tcchnician certificatitin.



For Canadian Owners Who Prefer a French Language Manual:

Aux pmpriétairfla canadiens: Vii-us. pout-tea VUUH anClIrEI' un eaciiiplaire de ce guide en fraiigaia cit-2?. i'nti'e can ueasitinaire utl au:

[JEN Marketing Sari-fives Ltd.

Iii'i'? Mermaid: Dr. Miaiisuaupa. Unlariu Lfi'i' Ilj'v'JI

Cnpyriglit General Matoi'H Cartmtatinn IQQH All Righls Reserved

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