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Use the following procedure to change modes:

|. Close all the doors and turn the ignition on. Keep all doors closed throughout this procedure.

2. Press and hold LOCK on the driver‘s power door lock switch through Step 4.

3. Press the LUCK button on the remote key-less entry transmitter. The automatic door locks will remain in the current mode.

:1. Press 111: LGCK button url the transmitter again. Each time the nansrnitter‘s LUCK button is pressed, the mode will advance by one. going from 3 to t] to L etc.

Note: The door locks will cycle according to the mode entered while customizing the memory door locks. ilvlode "D" has no feed back.)

5. Release the power door loci: switch. The automatic door locks will remain in the most

recent mode selected.


Delayed Locking [If Equipped}

This feature lets the driver dela},I the acmal locking

of the vehicle. When the power door lock switch is pressed with the key removed from the ignition. and the driver's door open. a chime wiil sound three times to signal Iliat delayed locking is active. When all doors have been closed. the doors will lock automatically

after five seconds. If any door is opened before this. the live—second timer will reset itself once all the doors have

been closed again.

Pressing the door lock switch twice within two seconds will override this feature.

Personal Choice Programing

The delayed locking feature can be turned on or off for each remote Itevless entr}r transmitter: 1Vehicles are delivered with each transmitter defaulted with delayed

locking. off. To turn the feature on:

1. Press and hold LOCK on the driver's power door lock switch throughout this procedure. All the doors will lock.

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