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Dugr Lacks From the ufllh‘ltlc. um: your dum' key or lemme keylees entry trunxmilter [if equipped]. With ynur dunr key. turning the key inward the rearnl' the which? will loci-t the June. Turning “1:: key inward. the from of the vehicle will llllluuk ii.

If _I.'uur which: has a lheL'L-deten‘em 5:931: m and il

is Jiutivtltutl. mun-ck the dun-rs only with the key or Passengers " “Fecii'llfi' children " ‘5‘" ””5“? remote keyleas entry system. This will amid setting open 'lhe Elllllf'fi and fall nut. When a floor is ”11' ”1,: ulurm.

[eel-ted. the inside handle won't open it.

Outsiders can easily enter lhmugh an unlocked dwr when 3m! xlnw dawn er strip yeur vehicle.

linleeker] liltl-lln-i een he dungemus.

Tel luck 'll'lt: Lll'I-[i-I.’ I'mrrL Lhe irir-ide. slide the manual tin-Hr In-L'lt L'unlrul (in the door down. To unlock lhr.‘ LllZHM'... blidt‘, the manual door lock co nut-i up.

This may not he so obvious: Yen increase the ehanee of being thrown out of the vehicle in a mash if the duets aren‘t locked. Wear safety belts [Imps-elf, lu-el-z your denim1 and you will he l'ar better off wheneeer you drive your vehicle.

There are never-41 ways In incl-z and unlock ynur vehicle.


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