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The ignitinn key-i are for the ignition unity.

The door keye- un.‘ t'nr m2 duurx and :11] nther lucka.

thn :1. new vehicle i5 delivered. U16 dculer removes the ping: t'rurn me haw. und gives them m the Jim nwnar. i'lnwever. [ht- igniiiim key may not have :1 plug. 11' [hi- ignilinn key doem't have a. plug: it will have a bur-coded key Lug.

Each plug nr tug I‘IiiS a code i'nu ii 11m mils. yuur deuleru-r :1 quaiified IncLsmiih huw m mute extra keys. Keep the piugx ur Lhu tagx in u safe place. If you time yum liq-'5. yULI‘li he able In have new mm mudi: caniiy uning 1112m- plug.» m' the lug. li‘jiruur igniliun keys Linn'1 have. plugs CIT thc lug. go [in 3mm denier for the correct key code if 31m need a new igniliou key.


him which: has a number 01' features that can help pru‘Efll theft. But you can have a In: at tmuhle getting into 3-nur vehicle if ynu cw;- lock yuur keys insidu. You may (“run have to damage your vehicle In gel in. EU he sure ynu have extra keys.

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