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Safety Belt Extender

[f the vehicle‘s safety belt will fasten around you. you should use iL

But if a safety belt isn't long enough to fasten. your dealer will order you an er: tender. It's free. When you go in to order it. talse the heaviest coal you will wear. an the extender will be long enough for you. The extender will be just for you.anc1juat for the seat in your vehicle that you rho-cute. Don't let someone else use it. and use it only for the seat it is made to fit. To wear it. just attach it to the regular Safety belt.

Checking Your Restraint Systems

New and then. make sure the safety belt reminder light and all you: helm. huekiets, latch plates, retracturs and anchorages are working properly. Look for any other loose or damaged safety belt system parts. If you see anything that might keep a safety belt system from doing its job. have it repaired.

Torn or frayed safety belts may not protect you in a erash- They can rip apart under impact forces. lf :1 belt it: turn or frayed, get a new one right away.

Also Inuit for any opened or broken air bug covers. and have them repaired or replaced. {The air bag system does not need regular maintenance.)


Replacing Restraint System Parts After a Crash

If you've had a crash. do you need new hells?

After a very minor collision. nothing may be necessary. But if the belts were stretched. as they would be if worn during a more severe crash. then you need new belts.

If belts are cut or damaged. replace them, Collision damage also may mean you will need to have safety belt or seat part; repaired or replaced. New parts and repairs may be necessary even if the belt wasn't lacing used at the time of the collision.

If your seat adjuster won't work after a crash. the special part of the safety belt that goes through the seat to the adjuster may need [u be rcplaexd.

If an air bag inflates. you'll need to replace air bag syste or parts. See the part or! the air bag system earlier in this section.

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