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Accident Slalifitltfi show that children are hater if they are restrained in the rear seat. But theyr need to uee the safety-r belts pmperly.

O Childmn who aren't buckled up can be lhmwlt titit in Never do this. a crash. . _ Here lwu children are wearing the same belt. The C Children wltn aren't buckled up can smite «other belt can‘t prttperly spread the impact Forces. In a people who are. crash. the two children am he crushed together

and seriously injured. A belt must in.- used It}- imly urte person at it time.

Q: What if a child is wearing a la p-chcuhicr hch. but the child iii an small that the shoulder belt is very rinse tn the child‘s Fat-t- or mack?

A: Move the child toward the center ct the Vehicle. but be HUI'C that the shnulder helt still is on the child’s shoulder. 50 that in ti L'l‘tih'i'l d-ie ehiltl'i-i upper hndj-l would have the restraint that belts provide. if the child is sitting in i1 rear Stall tiuindie position. see. “Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides" in the Index.

If the child is so small that the shoulder belt it; still very elm-it: In the Child's. face or neck. you might want tn place the Child in the center sent pusititin, The one that has t3l'l]}' ii 13;: belt.


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