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To remove the child restraint. just unbuckle the vehicle‘s safety belt and let it go back all the way. The safety belt will more freely again and be ready to work for all adult or larger child passenger.

A. child in a child restraint in the center front seal Securing a Child Restraint ill the Center can he badly injured or killed by the right from

Rear 5th Position pausenger air bag if it inflates, even though your vehicle has rerl need-force frontal air bags. Nerer

secure a child restraint in the center front seat- It‘s always better to secure a child restraint in the rear seaL You may secure a Forward-facing child restraint in the right front passenger seat. but. before you do. airways more the Front passenger {real as l'ttr hock as it will go. It‘s better to secure the ehlld restraint in a rear seat.

You'll be using [he lap belt. Be sure to follow the insu-uetions mat came with the child resu‘ainr. Secure the child in the child restraint when and as Lhe insrrueunns say.

SEE the earlier part uhnul 1.11:: [up strap if the child restraint has one.


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