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If your child restraint has a top strap. your dealer can 2. Pick up the latch plate. and run the lap and shoulder

obtain a kit with anchor hardware and installation portions of the vehicle‘s safety belt through or instructions specifically designed for this vehicle. The around the restraint. The child restraint instructions dealer can Ihen install the anchor for you. In Canada. will show you how.

this work 1will he done for you free of charge. Or, you may install the anchor yourself using the inst-notions provided in the kit.

Securing a Child Restraint in a lien: Outside Seat Position

You’ll be using the laprshouldaer belt. See the earlier part about the top snap if the child restraint has one. Bu: sure to follow the instructions that came with the child restraint. Secure the child in the child restraint when and 3_ Till the latch plate to adjust the belt if needed.

' - Li . as the “mm” “-3 “3’ 1f Ihe shoulder belt goes in front of the child‘s fate or I. Put the resnamt on the seat. neck. put it behind the child restrainL


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