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A child in a child restraint in the center fttnnt seat can be badly injured or killed It: the right front passenger air bag if it inflates. eeen though your vehicle has reduced-force frontal air bags. Never

secure a child restraint in the center front seat. It’s always better to secure :1 child restraint in the rear seat. You may secure a forward-facing child restraint in the right front passenger seat. but before you dd, always more the front passenger amt as far back as it will go. It‘s better to securc the child restraint in a rear seat.

Wherever yuu install it. be sure to secure the child rcsuaint properly.

Keep in mind that an unsecured child restraint can run t-e around in a colitsion or sudden stop and injure people in the vehicle. Be sure tn properly secure any child restraint in your vehicle —- even when no child it.- in it.

Top Strap

If your Child restraint has :1 mp strap, it shnulci be anchored. ll j'uu need tn have an anchor installed. you can ask yttur Buick dealer to put it jn for you. If you

want It: install an unehor yourself. your dealer can tell you how in Lit:- it.

Canadian law requires that child restraints have a top strap. and tl'tul the HLrtip be anchored.

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