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When choosing :1 child restraint. be sun: the child restraint is designed in be used in a vehicle. [fit is. it will have it label saying that il meets Federal Mum: Vehicle Safety Standards.

Then t'oilow the instructions far the restraint. You may find these instructiuris an the restraint itself or in u. hunklet. or both. These restraints use the belt system in yriur vehicle. hut the child alt-s1 has It! ht: secured within

the restraint ID help reduce the Chance [if persrinu] injury.

The instructinns that came with the infant or ehiltl restraint will shnw yuu huw [Li ttti mitt. Emit the trainers

inantiat and the chiiti restraint instructions are impart-ant.

5“ if either one Or these is not available. obtain a replacement cups-I t‘rtirn the manufacturer.

Where to Put the Restraint

Accident statistics shtrw that children are safer tifltcy are restrained in the tear rather than live ham sent. We :11 General Mntnrs Ihert‘t'nre reenmmend that you put your rhiitt restraint in me rear seat. Nri'cr put a rear-facing child restraint in the i'rtitit passenger seat. Here's why:

a child in a rear-facing child restraint can be seriously injured if the right i'mrtt passenger's air bag inflates. even tlltiugh ytiur vehicle has reduced-fume t‘mnta! air bags. This is because the back 01‘ the rear-Iauing child restraint would

he Fer} close to the inflating air hag. Always secure a real-*l'arini: child restraint in a rear seat.

Yin: ma}- secun: a lbrward-hicinr, child restraint ill the right front seat. hut het'tire 31m do, always mat-{- the fruit! passenger seat as far hack as it will go. It‘s better to secure the child restraint in a rear steal.

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