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Eceq'one in a VcthlE needs protection! That includes int‘anls and all children smaller than adult size. Neither the distance traveled no: the age and size of the traveler changes The need, fur ct'crj'fltle. to use safetyr restraints. In fact. the law in every state in the United States and in every Canadian pmvlnee says children up to same age must be restrained while in 3 vehicle.

Smaller Children and Bahia

Chlldren who are up against, or very close to, any,r air bag when it inflates can be seriously injured or Itillecl+ This is true even though your 1vehicle has reduced-[urea frontal air bags. Air bags plus

lap-shoulder hells offer the best protection for adults, but not [or young children and infants. Neither the vehicle’s safety belt system ner its air hag system is dcsigned for them. Young children and infants need the protection Ihet a child restraint system can preside. Always secure children 1::roperl3r in your rehlde.

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