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Rear Safety Belt Comfort Guides for Children and Small Adults

1 _ Rear shoulder belt eumt‘nrt guides will provide added Ynu “a“ he serluusly hurt lfyuur shnulder helt '3 5:11"er belt cumfurl for Children who have outgrown

10'" lease. I“ 3 “1'33“! 3”)“ wuuld mave- Inward child res; mums and fur small adults. When instailed On 3 [ml much‘ which cuuld lncreufie injury- The shuulder belt. the euml‘ert guide pulls the belt away shoulder hell xhuulrl fit. againxl J'lllll' budy. from the neck and head.

There is one guide for each outside passenger position in the rear seat. To provide added safety belt mmt‘urt for children who have outgrown child restraints and for smaller adults. the cumin-rt. guides may be installed on the shoulder helm. Here's how Lt] install it eurnl'urt guide and use the safety belt:

To unlatch the belt. just push the button on the buckle.

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