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3. Tn make the hip part tighi, pull down an the: buckle The hip part of The belt should be win-n luw and Hnug on The and of the hell as; ymi pull up on :he- shoulder purl. hips. jml mulching d1: Ihighs. In a finish, H'llh app-Hm [DICE

lu I31: strung pulvii: harms. And yinu‘d he lass likely to slide under 111: hip hell. If you slid under it. the belt wriuld apply form at your ul'idimen. Thjx cnuld cause 52mm or even fatal injuries. The shoulder belt should go over the shoulder and BELT!“ the chest. These pans of the body are best able in Lake halt resrfiuning film.

The safety heir luck: if there's u sudden 510;: or a crash.


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