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@ Section 8 Customer Assistance Information

Here you will find out how to contact Buick il'yotl need assistance. This section also tells you how to obtain service publications and howr to report an}r safety.l detects.

342 Customer Satisfaction Procedure 8-8 Warranty Information

34 Customer ANSI'HIHIICC for Test 8—3 Reporting 591'er Defects to the United Telephone {TTYI Users States Govern ment

8—5 Roadside Assisrsnce 3—9 Reporting Safety Defects to the

3-5 Canadian Roadside Assistance Canadian Government

3-H?! Courtesy Transportation 8-9 Reporting Safety Defects to General Motors

8-? GM Participation in an Alternative Dispute 8—9 Ordering Service and Hunter Publications

Resolution Program in Canada

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