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lt’you damage the covering for the driver’s or the right front passenger’s air bag, the bag may not

work properly. You mat}.r have to replace the air bag module in the steering wheel or both the air bag module and the instrument panel For the right front passenger’s air bag. Do not open or break the air bag coverings.

If your vehicle ever gets into a lot of water —— su ch as water up to the carp-ed mg or higher -- or if water enters your vehicle and soaks the carpet, the air bag cunU'tiller can be soaked and mined. If this ever happens, and then you start your vehicle. the damage could make the air bags inflate. even ifthere‘s no crash. You would have to replace the air bags. as well as the sensors and related parts. ll' your vehicle is ever in a flood. [11' if it‘s exposed to water that soaks the carpet. you can avoid needless repair costs by turning off the vehicle immediately. Don't let anyone start the vehicle, even to low it. unless the battery cables are first disconnected.

Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle

Air bags afihet how your vehicle should be serviced. There are parts of the air bag system in several places around yu ur Vehicle. You don‘t tvant the system to inflale while someone is working on your vehicle. Your dealer and the LeSalJre Service Manual have information about serviCing your thiele and the air hag system. To purchase a service manual. see "Service and Owner Publications" in the index.

For up In 1" minutes after the ignition key is turned off and theI battery is disconnected. an air bag can still inflate [luring improper service. You

can be injured il' you are close to all air bag when it inflalE'H. Avoid yellow connectors. The].r are probably part of the air bag system. Be sure to follow proper service procedures. and make sure the person performing wo rt: for you is qualified

to flu so.

The air hag syslem does not need regular maintenance.

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