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Windshield GM Optikleenfl Washer Solvent Fuel Door Hinge Mnlfl-Purgese Lubricant. he

Washer Solvent (GM Part Ne. 1051515] or and Rear Superlu {GM Part equivalent. Compartment Nu. 1234624! er equivalent}.

_ ® _ Lid Hinges Heed Latch Lubrl plate Lubnennt Aerosol

Assembly. {GM Part Nu. I2346293 er Weatherxuip Dielectric Silicone Grease {GM Secondary Latch. equivalent) or lubricant meeting Conditioning Part No. 123455}? Dr equivalent).

Pivots. Spring requirements of M01 451' 21 Anchor and Category LE nr GC~LB. Release Pawl

Hood and Dear Muiti- se Lubricant. Hinges Supefluhn {GM Part No. I2346241 at equivalent}.


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