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and Lubricants Parking Brake Chassis Lubricant [GM Part

NOTE: Fluids: anti lubricants-i identified below by name, Cable Guides No. 123317935 or equivalent] or part number or specification may be obtained from lubricant meeting requirements at“

your dtfllutr. NLGI # 2. Category LB or


PGWcr Sloering GM Power Sterling Fluid {GM Syslem Part No. 1fl52384- 1 pint. IUSBUJ'T - | quart. or equivalent].

Engine Oil Engine Oil with the American Petroleum Institute Certified Fnr

Gasoline Engines “Starbuntt”

arm ho] of the proper viscosity. To Automatic DEXRONE"—HI Automatic determine Ihe preferred viz-tensity Trnnsuie Transmission Fluid.

for your vehicle‘s engine. Bot: _ _ “Engine 01'1" in the index. Key Look Multt-Pu Lubricant.

Cylinders Superlube“ [GM Part Engine Coolant SUJSI'} mixture of clean water No. 12346241 or equivaient}.

ipnreferrtbl}r distilled} and use onl . _ _ UM GUwammh-fi- DEX—COOL Chasers Chessts Lubneant {GM Part

m Hat’oline'i' DEX-COOK: Lubrication No. 1231'1'985 or equivalent) or

Coolant. See ”Engine Coolant" in lubricant meeting requirements of

the Index. NLGI all“ 2. Category LB or GC—LB.

Hydraulic Brake Deieo Supreme “at Brake Fluid System {GM Part No. 123??96? or Equivalcnl DDT—3 Brake Fluid).


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