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Ignition Transuttle Look Check

While parked. and with the parking brake eel. try to tom the ignition key to LOCK in each shifl leverposition.

O The lie}- ahnuld Iurn In LOCK only when the shift lever in In PARK lel.

l The key should mine out only in LUCK.

Parking Brake and Automatic Transaxle PARK {PI Mechanism Cheek

When you are doing this check. J'lHJI' vehicle.- could begin to move. You or ullters could be

injured and prnp-erty could be damaged. Make sure there is room in front of your vehicle in ease it. hegirui to roll. Be rend}r to apply the regular brake at once should the vehicle begin to move.


Fink tin a fairly steep hill. with the vehicle facing

dewnhill. Keeping yeur feet on the regular brake. net the

parking brake.

i To eheuk the parking bruke's holding ability: With Lhe engine running and Lransexle in NEUTRAL {N}.

slowly remove fool pressure from the regular brake pedal. Do thit, until Ute vehicle is held by the parking

brake nnly.

0 To check the PARK tF'} niechanifim‘t: holding ability: With the engine running. shift to PARK IPl. Then release all brakes.

[finder-body Flushing hrviee

At lCflhl every spring. use plain water to flush any remain-e inuterieis from the under’eudy. Take care to clean flitirtiughly any urcat-t where mud and olhcr debris can collect.

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