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Long Triprighwny Maintenance Schedule

Iflflfiflfl Miles (156 [MB km)

Q Inspect spark plug wires. An EmiSSih-W Control Sender.

Q Replace spark plugs. An Emission Control Service.

Q Change automatic Ltansaxle fluid and filter if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:

In heavy city traffic where the outside temperature regularly teaches QWF [32°C] or higher.

- In hilly or mountainous terrain.

When doing frequent trailer towing.

Uses such as found in taxi. police or deiiwn'j,I service.

Hyatt do not use your Whirl? under any of these t‘onfl't'fiflfl-F. HEP fluid flfld filter do not require changing.

Ififlfiflfl Miles {24!} 900 km)

I] Drain. flush and refill cooling system {or ever'y fit] months since last service. whichever occurs first}. See ”Engine Coolant" in the index for what In use. Inspect hoses. Clean radiator. condenser. pressure cap and neck. Pressure let-1t the cooling, system and pressure cap.

Ari Emission Centre! Service.

hififitli SER‘I‘I ICED BY:


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