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Long Tripriglm-tly IK-‘lninlenance Schedule

52,500 Miles (87 5013 km)

5 Change engine oil and filter [or ever}r 12 months. whichever occurs first i. An Emission Comm! Sen-ice. {See footnote *5;

Lubricate ehansis components i or every I! months. whichever occurs first). [See fmrmote it.)

Rotate tires. See “Tire Inspection and Rotation“ in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional intent-nation. [See t'nntnnte +_i

60,0!39 Miles (106‘ (390 km)

Cl Change engine oil and filter t or every l2 months. whichever occurs first]. An Emission C 01'!!er Service. tSee footnote ‘.J

U Lubricate chassis components 1 or every I: monthn. whichever occurs first t. [See footnote #J

I] Rotate tires. See "Tire Inspection and Rotation" in the Index for proper mutton pattern and additional information. {See tbotnote +.} {Also nee Footnote ++.t

III Inspect engine accessory drive belt. An Emission Cotttml Service. El Replam: air cleaner filter. An Emission Comm! Sen't'ce. El Inapwcl fuel tank. cap and lines for damage or lC-tilih. Inspect fuel cap gasket For any damagE. Replace part5 as needed. An Emotion Comm! Sen-wire. {See foolnole'l'.)




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