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Long Triprighway h-‘laintenanee Schedule

3.7.599 Miles 1152 500 kmj [E'anflmiedl

Cl Relate tires. See "Tire lnspeeliun and Rnlulinn“ in the Index I'ur pruper rotation pattern and additional jnl'u-rmatinn, {Sec fimlnnte +_l

45,006? Mites 175 mm km) I] Change engine oil and filter [01' even; ll months. whichever necum rs! l. ACTUAL . _ . - -- bERHLwBY: An Emmrwl Central Sen'nre. {See footnote M MILEH’E El Lubrieate Chassis eumpunenls {elr every J? mnnLh .u. whichever {El-DEM“ final]. _

{See fn-nlnnte #1

El Rotate tires. See "Tire Inspection and Rotation” in the Index for proper relation pattern and addilinnal inlltnnulitin. [See l‘LlLZILrlfl-[L‘ +.} {film set [outnule Hz}

5 [1,000 Miles [’33 I930 km)

El Change autmnatie transaxle fluid 11nd. filter if the vehicle is: mainly driven under me or mere {IF them: eonditionu‘.

In heavy £in trnfiie where the outside temperature regularly reaches 'aHlDF t32iC} or higher. In hilly nr rnnunlainnut-t terrain. 1When doing frequent Lrailer luwing. Uses such as fun ml in em. puliee ur delivery service. [iron do mil we frum‘ Vehicle under nrrt' ryf'n'ren'e c'mldr'l'iwrs. the fi'm'n’ emu" filter dc! rm! require (hanging.


1 fifijfifli SER‘VTE‘ED 1W:

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