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Long 'l"riprigltwtty h—‘lttintcnnncc Schedule

El Rotate tires. Sec "Tire Inspection and Rotation“ in the index for peace: rotation pattern and additional inforrnalion. {See footnote +.J

30.000 Miles (50 not) km] III Change engine oll and filter tor every l2 months. whichever occurs first]. ounceo BY:

Art Emfflion Contmf Sonics. (See footnote ”ll _

I] Lubricatc L‘l1ii'ih' in components tor cvcr}: 13 months. which: vcr occurtt first}. [See footnote #.t

|__J Rotate tires. See ”Tire Inspection and Rotation" in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional information. {See footnote +.}

[Also see footnote ++..'|

Replace air cleaner filter. .‘lrr Eflifl'h'fflfl Control Sen-‘t'c'e'.

U Inspect fuei lank. cap and iincn for damage or looks. Inspect fuel cap gackct for any damage. Replace pant-t n5 nccdctl.

An Emisxiort Comm! Service. tSee foomtite'i',]

317.50!!! Miles (62 Stilt} km)

El Change cngtnc oil and filter (or chry l2 munll'iJi. whichevcr occurs first}. Art Emit'rfart Conrmf Service. flier: lion-mule 3.1

f) AT F.‘



I] Lubri call: chassis cumpuncnm lur cuery l2 months. which: vcr occurx firm}. [See footnote m (Continued)


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