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Short 'Ih‘prity Maintenance Schedule

100,000 Miles (:00 000 km)

El Inspect spark plug wires. Ari Emission Comm! Service.

[I Replace spark plugs. Ar! Emissr'un Comm! Service.

[I Change aulnrnslie [mussels fluid and filterif The vehicle is mainly driven under ene or more of these eenditlens:

[n heavg,r city traffic where the outside temperature regularly reaches 90'" F {32°C} er higher.

- In hilly U-r mnuntejnnljs Lcn‘ilin.

'W'I'ten doing frequent trailer til-wing.

- Uses such as Feund in m1i.pnllee er «Jeliwerg,r service.

{fyrm do not use your vehicle under an}? ufrhe'se e'undflr'uns‘. rhefluid and filter do not require changing.

Ififlflflfl Miles {240 000 km)

El Drain. flush and refill cooling system (or every 60 mmths since his: service. whichever occurs first}. See "Engine Ctmlanl“ in the Index for what to use. Inspect heses. Gleam radiator. condenser. pres sure cap and meek. Pressure te st cooling system and pressure cup.

An Emission Carmel Seneca.



serum. . ,{mmm ssnwesn BY:


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