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Short 'I'ripl'City Maintenance Schedule

60,000 Miles (It'll? 000 km)

El Chung: engine oil and filter tor every 3 months. whichever occurs first]. All Emt's'a't'mt Control Sen-toe. [See footnote ‘1!

III Lubriente chassis components [or every 6 months. whie hewer occurs first}. {See footnote 4?.)

El Infipecl engine accessory tiriw. bolt. An Eml.5'.'.'lr3l1 Guam-ll Survive. Q Replace air cleaner filler. An Emission Fomml Service.

l] Ins peat fuel tank cap and lines [or damage or leaks. Inspect fuel cap gasket for any damage. Replace 13:1an needed. Art Emlsslon Comm-l Sen-tee. [See t'oolnole'l'J

El Rotate tiles. See "T'tre Inepeelion and Rotation" in the Index lot proper rotation puttcm and additional information. {See footnote +.t {Alan see footnote -H—.l

fijfiflfl Miles {I 05 000 km}

III Change engine oil and filter [oreverjr 3 months. whichever occurs first}. An Emilm'nn Control Set't'l't'e. l See footnote *.)

ACTUAL . . . “mm“ E bER‘r'ILED BY.

fifigfii SERVICEII BY: DATE fiflfl’gl}; SERVICE!) IlY:


66,090 Miles (Hull 0!?!) km)

3 Change engine oil and filter {or every 3' month 5. whichever neeurx first}. An Emitsr'on Comm! Sen-ice. tSee footnote ”.1

If Continued]

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