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Short 'I‘l‘ipflCit}r Maintenance Schedule 45,000 Miles (75 000 km)

III Change engine oil and fiitet tor every 3 month. whichever necurx lira-ill. ACTUAL!- qFR'ltlllen Em An Emission Contra! Sen-tee. tSee footnote ".3 MILEAGE '

III Inspect air cleaner t‘jiter il‘you are driving in dual); conditions. Replace t'ilter it' _—

necessary. .4” Emission Comm! Sc nine. [See fttotnnte‘i',;|

40,000 Miter (00 000 km)

DtlTE _ Change engine oil tutti filter {or every 3 months whichever occurs first L anlnL d . . ~. . . ' - hER'r'lLIi-H B‘J: An Emma-tron Contmfoen’ree. tSee roomm- ”".] MILEAGE I Lubrieute ehussih enmpunenLfi {ctr every n months. whichever litL‘L‘lJIh' firsti. _—

[See footnote #0:

j Rotate tires. See "Tire Inspection and Rotation" in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional information. [See I't‘potnnte +.t {AIM} see intimate -H-.t

50,000 Miles {03 000 km) ”It-n; 3 Change autormttie Lmnsztxle fluid and titter it' the vehiele i5 mainiv driven acrtznfiL‘ under one or more of these CUnLlilitJl'lH: Mild-At; I" . I In heavy city trat'fie where the outside temperature reguierly reaches 90°F (32 9C} or higher.

In hill); or [mountainous tern-1m. {Continued}


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