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Short TripICity Maintenance Schedule

ammonites (50 600ka

DATE El Cllange engine oil and filter (or every 3 montlm. whichever occurs first}. An Emission Control Service. (See footnote *.] MEAGE ' Cl Luhrieate chassis components {or every ti months, whichever occurs first]. _—

{See footnote #3 U Replace air cleaner filter. An Emission Control Service.

CI Inspect fuel tank, cap and lines for damage or leaks. lnspeel fuel cap gasket for any damage. Replace parts as needed. An Emission Control Sen-tee. {See footnote?)

El Rotate tires. See “Tire [nepeotjon and Rotation“ in the Index for proper rotation pattern and additional inftn'mation. {See limmote +.]

33,,flflfl Miles ['55 flflflkm}

[3 Change engine oil and filter tor ever},r 3 months. Whichever mount firstl. An Emotion Cannot Sen-ice. [See footnote *.1

36,503 Miles (6!? 000 Jon)

[I Change engine oil and filter tor lever}.r 3 rnonlhi-i. whichever occurs f'u'SIl. An Emotion Contra! Henri-re. (See footnote *.}

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