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Short Tripi'City Maintenance Schedule

The services shown in this schedule up to “H.000 miles tlfifiiiflll km] shoutd be perfon‘ned after “30,000 miles [166 000 km] at the same intervals. The services shown at 150,000 miles [240 000 ion: should he perfumed at the some interval after [Sillllfl miles :24“ [Hill km}.

See “Owner Checks and Services" and “Periodic Maintenance Inspections" foltowing.


1* The US. Envimnmental Protection Agency or the California Air Resources Board has deten'ninod that the failure to perform this maintenance item wiil not nullify the emission warranty or limit recail liability prior to the completion of' the vehicle's useful life. We. however. urge that all recommended maintenance services be

performed at lite indicated intervals and the maintenance be recorded.

if Lubrieate the suspension and steering linkage, tram-tattle shift linkage, parking brake eahie guides and underhody contact points.

* iiyour vehicie has an Engine Gil Life Monitor. the monitor will show you when to change the oil -— usually bean 3.000 miles {5 000 km: and 1500 miles (I: 500 km) since your last on change. Under severe conditions. the indiefllflr may come on before 3.000 miles [5 000 kmi. Never drive your which more titan 1500 miles {IE 500 km] or

I2 months. {whichever occurs first}. without an oil change.

The system won‘t detect dust in lite oil. So if you drive in a dusty area he sure to change your oil every 3000 miles [5 00] km] or sooner if the CHANGE lIUIIL SUDN light comes on. Remember to reset the Oi! Life Monitor when the oil has; been changed. For mo: infonnation, see “CHANGE 01L SOON Light" in the Index.

+ A good lime to check your brakes is during tire rntatinn. See “Brake System inspection" under "Periodic Maintenance Inspection s" in Part C of this schedule.

vint- If you drive in a highiy cummive environment. your brake calipers may require additional inspeedtm and service. at every other tire rotation. See “Caiiperffinuokie Maintenance Inspection" under "Periodic Maintenance inspections“ in Part C of this schedule.


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