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Maintenance Schedule

Lung Triptlliglm'a} [Jcfinitiun

Follow this mainu: mince schedule only if none of the conditious from the Short TriptCity Maintenance Schedule is true. Do not use this Schedule if the vehicle is used for Trailer towing. dri ven in a dust},r area or used off paved roads. Use the Short TriptCity schedule for these conditions.

Driving a vehicle with a fit“)! warmed engine under highway conditimu causee' engine of! to break down slower.


Long: 'l't'lpt'I-Iiglm-nt' IlllL'r‘l'aIS-i

Every 1.50" Miles [12 500 km}: Engine l[til and Filter Change {or every 12'. months. whichever occurs first]. Chassis Lubrieaninn {or every 12 months. whichever occurs first}. “fire Rtttatinn,

Every 30,000 Miles {50 000 Inn]: Air Cleaner Filter Replacement. Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines Inspection.

Every 50,000 Miles (33 001} km}: Automatic 'l‘ransaxle Service [severe conditions only].

Every 60,000 Miles (100 000 km]: Engine Accept-gory Drive Belt Inspection.

Every 100.1"!!! Miles {1156 000 km}: Spark Plug Wire Inspection. Spark Plug Replacement.

Ever}- [5&th Miles I240“!!! kml: Cooling System Service {or ever}r (:0 months. whichever occurs. first .1.

There inter-mt": only Emmett-lee maintenance sentices. Be .mre mfotlnw the complete maintenance schedute 0n firefilil'rtwing pager.

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