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Maintenance Schedule

Short Tripr'City Definition Short Tl'iprity Intervals

Follow the Short Tripi'City Maintenance Schedule it' any one of these conditions is true for your vehicle:

I! Most hips are less than 5 to 10 miles ill to lo km}. This is particularly important when outside temperatures are below Freezing.

I Most trips include extensive idling [such as frequent driving in stop-antl-go traffic). I Most trips are through dusty urens.

4. You Frequently tow a trailer or use u carrier on top of your vehicle.

I If lite vehicle is used for delivery service. police. taxi or other commercial application.

One of the reasons you .rnoui'dfoflow their schedule if you operate your vehicle under {my Qfflte‘se‘ condition: if that these conditions cause engine of! re break

dim'n runner:

Every 3,000 Miles {5 000 km}: Engine Oil and Filter Change {or3 months. whichever occurs first}.

Every 6,000 Miles (10 000 km]: Chassis Lubrication [or 45 months, whichever occurs first i. Tire Rotation.

Every 15,000 Miles {25 000 km}: Air Cleaner Filter inepection. if driving in dusty conditions.

Ever},r 30,000 Mlle-z [50 000 km}: Air Cleaner F iitcr Replacement. Fuel Tank. Cap and Lines Inspection.

Every 50300 Miles [83 000 km): Automatic Tran sash.- Service [severe conditions only].

Every W300 Miles (100 000 ml: Engine Accessory Drive Belt Inspection.

Every 100,000 Miles {166 000 Itmi: Spark Plug Wire Inspection. Spark Plug Replacement.

Every 150.000 Miles [240 000 Iran}: Cooling System Service {or every :30 months. whichever occurs first}.

These inter—wit only summarize mninrcnan cc services.

Be sure rolfrrlluvv the compiler! maintenance schcdnie on ri'refniiowr'ng page's.


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