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Fuse Usage ED Radio 3 I] a I: 9D Nfl'l'. Used ':

IE Nut Used Hl IF: L i 2E Air Bag System. PASS-Key

SB Not Used E 413 Not Used \ f1 . 5E Rear Defog D I: 3 6E Not Used

'l'E Miscellaneous Engine—Non GED Tl 5E Wipers. Washer 9E NB! Used

CICI l:|l:l DIZI - |:| |:| |._|

' IZIIZI I:H_:I DE! _ “a. r

Passenger-‘3 Side Fuse Block

Additional Fuses are Iocated in the relu}r center. on the passenger's side. below the instrument panel. You must remove the sound insulaxor on the right side of the passenger foolwell to replete These fuses;

Since the replacement of these fuses can be difficult. we recommend that you see your dealer for fuse replecemenL

Ell—J- l:=|:| Ell: Ell: LID EILI |:||:|

E E E E |_ E E E F E E



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