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Fuse Usage Fuse Usage

I Not Used EB Brake and Hazard Lurn PH 2 Not Used TB Not Used 3 Power Seats Circuit Breaker EB Interior Lighting 4 Not Used QB Cigarette Lighter 5 Not Used IC Air Bag System 1.15. PASS-Key 2C Spare 2A Spare 3C Not Used 3A Not Used at? Not Used 4A Not Used 5C Cooling Fans. T‘ransaxle 5A. Llp-Level HVAC. ALM. Cruise 6C Parking Lamps. Interior Lamps Control. Cluster 1n: Not Used 6A Courtee}r Lamps. Power Mirrors EC Parking Lampfi 715* N95 U-Wd 9C Radio. CIUHIEI‘ 3A Pefimeter Lighting m Telltaie. Chime. Cluster. RAG 9A Ashmy. Cigarette Lighter 1D Spare 13 Turn Signal. Backap Lamps. LCM. BTS] 3D Heated Mirrorh' 15 Spam 4D Not Urted 3'3 Not Used 51; Base MC 43 NE“ UEEd 613 Not Used SB Anti-Wk Brake SYSLBI'H. Computer H} “[13:

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