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Drive r's Side Fuse Block


The LJI'IVt-r'h nut- i'tts-tt: block is. tn the let": nfflie steering C MIL-cl. ultdur 1h: 'Lmtrument panel.

Snap Cult" the cuwr tn rcvca] the fines. Ymt'll find H [1th

pullcrulippct] 1n the inside. 01' Eh? thet Place III: 'l'-‘Idt.‘ _ D

cnd nFthe hm: puller (war the plant“: and ul' thc tun-c.

Squeeze the L‘I'Ifls. m-L-J' "LL‘! I'm-c and pull it uut. ' 5175”“ {UNI-’5- :le Mutated 1n Illa \IE‘L‘i lubblcd "Spare" mt E

the |'n~l|.ml«'in-__r L'hnt‘t. D I] D U I: D U U 1INhL‘I'I finished. replace the L'UVCI' I)? Hlmplmug |[ buck up

into phaL'c.


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