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1Vehicle identification Number l VIN“!

- IlllmllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll ll| ll||lll|lI .

5.5.ulF‘LE-‘ll .--._".'-26'.'-S

flea ‘l‘ an ASSEMBLY



This iE-i the legal identifier for your vehicle. it ripper-arr. on

El plate in Ihe front comer of the instrumcnl panel. on the

iiriyer‘s. xitie. You can. see it if you luck Ihmuglt the windshield from tiutside your vehicle. The 1y'IN also appears on the Vehicle Certificrtlinn and Service Purl:- labeiii and the certificates. of title and i'cngiJ'LIi iiin. Engine Identification

The 3th character in your VIN is. the engine code. Thin code will help you identify your engine. upeclficallinnn and replacement parts.

Service Parts Identification Label

You'll find [his label on your apart: Lirc cutter Elli; vel'} helpful if you ey'cr occcl to order ptLrtn' On this label 1.;-

0 your VIN,


0 Ihe model designation. 0 painl iitfnrrriaLion and

I a list of all production option: and Hpecin] equipment.

Be bLII'C that ll‘ilfi label is not removed from the vehicle.

Electrical System Add-Din Electrical Equipment


Don't add anything electrical to your vehicle unless you check with your dealer first. Some ele‘rtricul equip menl can damage your vehicle and thtI damage wouldn't he covered by your warranty. Some add-on electrical equipment can keep other components from working as they should.

Your ychiclc [1:15 on air bag xyh‘lcnt. Before attempting to add anything electrical to your vehicle. ace ”Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Vehicle“ in the index.

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