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Appearance Care Materials Chart

23 m a rs in. Hemmer. Tar, maul all and :uphair Chrome Cleaner and Pulieh Use an element. stainless steel. nickel. eq'lper and brass Remover. soil and black marks from white-walls Vinyl Cleaner Cleum. vinyl mm. uphoislery :md cenvenihle Hips Retreat-es. ulin. grime. smoke and fingerprints,

IEISIQIE'“ H ne. “1.3.17 L.I Armor All " Prolcclnnt Protects learner, WUM' ”Emit? Plexiglas -' Plait“; rubber and wnyl

"52,925 Hi oz. [(1.411 Ll Mullr-P‘urpmc lnlcrmr Cleans u:nrpcl5.5ea15. IFILCTIEIII' Lrlrn. dnnr panels Cleaner and floor muls

Clean» and hhll'tfi'h varsely of surface :3- pen Shines. vehicle willmm .uemLching

1234512'1 1: ln_354 L] mm m Shine | 717T9fi4 In :12. Mal-7'3- LI Finish Enhancer Relnm'es dueL fingerprints and surface contaminants 1, - . \ . _ ' r ' . . ' .

| ‘37'3966 In 02. ill-13‘3- LI Cleaner Wax Remove:- libh: HLm‘thEn and 0than and 1mm finish

|23TT984 lb 02. {ll-fill- Ll

See ynur General Motors Fans Depnnrncnl fianhcsc products. SEE "Hulda and Lularicanlr." in [he lndex.

Surface Cleaner Removes Cfllltamlnanh, hlemishce nmi swirl marks

“* Net recommended for use on instrumenL panel Vinyl.


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