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Special Fabric Cleaning Problems

Stains caused by such things as catsu p, coffee {black}. egg. fruit. fruitjtlice. milk. soft drinks. vomit. urine and blood can he removed as follows:

I. Carefully scrape off excess stain. then sponge the soiled area will: cool water.

2. If a stain remains. follow the mnlti-pnrpose interior cleaner instructions described earlier.

3. if an odor lingers after cleaning vomit or urine. treat the area with a wean-melting soda solution: I teaspoon {5 mil of baking soda to 1 cup {25!} mi} of lukewarm water.

4. Let dry.

Stains caused by candy. ice cream. mayonnaise. chili sauce and unknown stains can he removed as follows:

1. Carefully scrape off excess suns.

2. First, clean with cool water and allow to dry completely.

3. if a stain tom/aims. follow instructions for MUlti-l’urposc Interim Cleaner.


Cleaning Vinyl Lise warm water and a clean cloth.

I Rub 1with a clean. damp cloth to remove dirt. You may have to do it more than once.

0 Things like tar. asphalt and shoe polish will stain if you don't get them off quickly. Use a clean cloth and a vinylr'lcather cleaner. See your dealer for this product.

Cleaning Leather

Use a soft cloth with lukewan-n water and a mild soap or saddle soap and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Then. let the

leather dry naturally. Do not use heat to dry.

I For stubborn staina use a leather cleaner. See your dealer for this product.

I Never use oils. itamishes. solvent-based or abrasive cleaners. furniture polish or shoe polish on leather.

0 Boiled or stained leather should be cleaned immediately. If dirt is allowed to worlt into the finish. it can harrn the leather.

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