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Cleaning the Inside of Your Vehicle

use a vacuum cleaner often to get rid of dust and loose dirt. TWipe vinyl. leelher. Fiiflilit.’ and painted surfaces with a clean. damp cloth.

Your dealer has tum t.:lei1neri-rf Mulli—Purpose Interior Cleaner and Capture Non-Solvent Dry Spot and Soil Remover for eieaning fabric and carpet. They will clean

normal spots anti. stains very well. You can get Cum-approved cleaning product-t from your dealer. { See "Appearance Care and Materials" in the Index.)

Here are sum: cleaning lips;

'- Always read the instructions on the cleaner label.

0 Clean up stains as soon as you can —- before they set.

I Care fully scrape off any excess stein.

I Use :1 clean cloth or sponge. and change to a clean area often. A soft hrush may he used if stains are stubborn.

I If a. ring forms after spot cleaning. clean the entire area immediately or it will set.

Using Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner on Fabric

I. Vacuum and brush the area to remove any loose dirt.

2. Always clean a whole trim panel or section. Mask surrounding him along stitch or welt lines.

3. Mix powdered oieaner following the directions on the container label to form thick suds.

4. Lise suds only,I and apply with :1 clean sponge. Don‘t saturate the material and don't rub it roughly.

5. As soon as you've cleaned the section, use a sponge to remove the suds.

t5, Wipe cleaned area with a clean. damp towel. or cloth.

T". Wipe with a clean cloth and let dry.


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