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Tire Chains Never use these to clean your vehicle:

I Gasoline

I Benzene- ! Naplrllm Llse lire chains only where legal and only when . Carbon 'l‘e-lr-arrhlorlrie you must. Use only SALE style="position:fixed;left:784px;top:370px;width:58px;height:28px" lang='eng'>"5" type chains ' that are the proper size for your tires. Install ' 31mm”: them an the front tires and tighten them as I PainTTh'Lnner lightly as possihle with the ends Securely . Turpentine fastened. Drive slowly and follow the chain manufacturer‘s instructions. If you ean hear the ' L334 ”CF Thinner I

ehains contacfing your vehicle, stop and retighten them. If the contact unntj nuns. slur-r down until it stops. Driving too fast or spinning the wheels with chains on will damage your vehicle.

Nail Polish Remover

They can all be hazardous —- Home more than others -- and they can all damage your vehicle. tnn.

Don't use any nt'rhese unless this manual says you can.

Appearance care In many uses. these will damage your vehicle:

. , O - I Remember. cleaning pro-duels can be hazardous. heme Meoho

are toxic. Olhers can burst into flame il" you strike a match or get them on a hot part of the vehicle. Some are dangerous if you breathe their I'umes in a closed space. When you. use anything from a container to clean your vehicle. he sure to follow me nianul‘aelIJrer‘s warnings and instruelions. And always open your doors or windows when you're cleaning Ihe inside.


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